They Had No Space For Their Child In Their Home, So They Built THIS. What A Brilliant Idea!


1. Kitchen Sink Storage Trays

Trays allow you to use space that’s normally too far back. Make your life easier by adding trays under your sink.

via The Family Handyman

2. Back-of-Door Shelving

Utilize the back of your cupboards for extra storage.

via DIY Life

3. Behind Closet Door Storage

By adding shelving to the doors of your closet, you free up ample space within and have a more organized space.

via Ana White

4. Tray Divider

Some cupboards tend to be taller, so there’s wasted space as most kitchen items aren’t particularly tall to begin with. Add a tray divider to utilize that space.

5. Loft For Kids

If your house has no dedicated space for a playroom, why not convert unused space in your foyer? All it takes is a little handiwork!

6. Shelves and Drawers under Cupboards

Most people tuck away appliances or just organize things on the counter. By adding shelving and drawers, you automatically create a more organized, spacious area in your kitchen.

via BHG

7. Open Shelving

Look around your home for blank spaces. Normally, you are using it at all and, by adding some simple shelves, you are able to make everyday items more accessible.

8. Under-Cabinet Drawers

Remove the kick boards underneath cabinets and you automatically have more storage in your home.

9. Baskets Above Cabinets

For items you don’t use all the time, put them in decorative baskets and place them above your shelving units.

10. Lazy Susans Galore

Lazy Susans make things more accessible and more organized while adding extra storage. Store them everywhere, from your fridge to your pantry.

11. Pegboard Closet Wall

By adding one, you keep items off the floor, in sight, and at hand.

12. Behind-the-Door Storage

We open and close doors all the time, never thinking about the wall behind it. By adding some slim shelves, you make extra space in whatever space you’re using.

13. Slide-Out Storage

Have really thin, empty spaces that just do nothing but collect dust? Add some slide-out storage. It’s easy to use and immediately adds plenty of storage space.

14. In-the-Wall Hidden Storage

There’s no such thing as too many mirrors, right? Why not crave a small space out of the wall and conceal it with a mirror? This will function as a kind of giant medicine cabinet.

via Woo Home

15. DIY Storage Bench

You win in two ways: extra seating plus extra storage.

16. Add Chains

There’s a lot of wasted space in clothing closets, as the clothes only hang so low. By adding chains, you utilize more of that empty space.